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Zen Stones

Client Testimonials

"For over 15 years I have known Moe as a talented leader and educator, artist, and parent, never
guessing that she also possessed amazing intuitive gifts. I have since learned that her knowledge of all
things spiritual is deep and broad. Recently, Moe generously offered to provide me with a reading and I
am so grateful she did. From beginning to end, this reading was fresh, clear and unlike others I have
had. Moe integrated current questions and concerns that were on my mind as well as connecting me
with my loved ones that have passed. I experienced some tremendously beautiful moments as Moe
brought me messages from my son, my daughter and my mother. I went home with a feeling of peace,
connection and wonder which I will never forget. Moe naturally and effortlessly exudes a bounty of
loving and joyful energy and it is a treat to spend time with her. She integrates her artistic passion into
everything she does, bringing a beauty and richness to all. She is simply a one-in-a-million treasure. I

would recommend her services to all who might seek them."

Joan Davis

Moe helped me during a particularly hard time in my life. I had lost my
father during COVID, and due to his disease and lack of hearing, I had not been able to
truly communicate with him during the past year and a half of his life. I was also
struggling with the responsibility of caring for my mom who had Alzheimer's and
many other complicated health issues. Moe helped me connect to my father and
allowed me to tell him all the things that I was not able to say during the end of his life,
and to hear the things he had not been able to express to me. She also brought me
reassurance through my father and through our (Moe's and my) conversation that I was
capable and could take care of my mom. 

Through readings, connecting to my father and consultation, Moe was able
to help alleviate my guilt and self-doubt that was wrapped tight into my grieving.
Grieving for my father and the way he died and, at the same time, grieving for my
mother and our relationship reversal. 

Moe's light, love and ability to communicate clearly helped me to let go of all
the negativity that surrounded my dad's death, the sometimes-painful reality of
dementia and the grace to take care of and accept my mom at this stage of her life. She
renewed my faith in myself that I had the strength and courage to guide and take care
of my mom in her remaining days. 
I will forever be grateful!


"I have benefitted greatly from the work that Moe and I have done together. The inner-worlds we have traversed are vast. Working with Moe is a collaboration. She is well-versed in offering nurturing guidance and she is an expert at unveiling that which at first, appears difficult to perceive. With Moe, positive transformation is inevitable."


"Moe has a safe, nonjudgmental presence infused with integrity and joy. Based on many years of experience and profound wisdom, her work has helped me gain the clarity and insight to implement the steps I needed to create a healthier, loving, and more meaningful life. Moe’s information, guidance, and encouragement have been invaluable to me. Thank you Moe, for sharing your powerful and beautiful work!"

LP - California

"With Moe, positive transformation is inevitable....who needs anything else?"

Brooke - Ashland, OR

"I’ve known and worked with Moe Anderson for over eight years which has been a great privilege. She fully embodies her role with well founded knowledge and an open heart. Moe is an inspiring educator with a capital E, she brings a sense of wonder and enthusiastic creativity to her teaching, her mentorship is rich in authenticity and a keen clarity made possible out of her attentiveness to and respect for reciprocity with those she is working with. Moe delivers all this with honesty and kindness. I am grateful for my opportunity to work with her."


"Moe is wonderful! During our session she made me feel comfortable, loved, and seen. She gave me her full attention as she listened to my wants and hopes for our session along with hearing what had been going on in my life that compelled me to see her. During my reading she guided me through each card with helpful insight and explanation of why each card landed in the rotation the way that it did. Moe is knowledgeable, kind, gentle, and nurturing while simultaneously vibrant, full of life, and encouraging. My time with Moe helped me feel inspired, empowered to stand in my divine light and ready to take on anything that comes my way. I highly recommend a session with Moe to anyone who is wanting some guidance, reassurance or confirmation on their path, and to spend some time with a lovely human who radiates exuberance, understanding, and love."


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