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IRIS Life Coaching Program

A four week, four step, program of transformation

I: Step 1 - INQUIRY-

My clients begin with filling out the Permission and INQUIRY forms.  After receiving permission to work with you, I read through the INQUIRY form and begin to get a broad picture of what you are seeking to understand, discover and/or heal.

A 30-minute phone consultation is scheduled for me to gain clarity about the best ways to guide you and all questions are
answered. An appointment is scheduled for Steps 2 and 3.


This part of the program is divided into three 30-minute
sections and can be done in-person or remotely:

  • During the first 30-minutes, I perform a Whole Person Tarot Spread highlighting

areas you have identified during the INQUIRY session.

  •  Following the reading, the next 30 minutes are dedicated to your REFLECTION.

This is a time for you to deeply reflect on the insights you have gained or to ask
me to assist you further to gain clarity. Often, this part of the process involves my
channeling my personal guides or your loved ones from beyond the veil.

  • Finally, the last 30 minutes are dedicated to Step 3 - INSPIRED ACTIONS


You will be asked to create a list of 3-5 INSPIRED
ACTIONS that you can begin to initiate immediately following our time together. These
INSPIRED ACTIONS are pragmatic in nature and are performed consistently over the
next 21 days in order to bring about a fundamental change in your perception. A
Contract is drawn up and signed by you and myself as a way for you to be accountable
to the INSPIRED ACTIONS you agreed to perform over the next 21day period. I will
check in with you for a 15-minute consultation once per week over these 21 days to
address any questions, concerns or to celebrate insights discovered and positive
changes you have created in your life.

S: Step 4 – SUCCESS.

After the 21-day period, we set an appointment, either remotely
or in-person, to wrap up anything that needs attention in order for you to solidify the
changes you have made for your continued SUCCESS. You will receive a Certification
of Excellence congratulating you on your brilliant completion of the IRIS Program.

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks
Cost: To Be Determined During Initial Consultation

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